UNT Research

Some important points regarding finding your dream research lab at UNT.

1) “Power-Labs”
“Power-Labs” do not exist. There may be some correlation between certain labs and the success of students in these labs, but generally there isn’t. However, if you join a lab that conducts research that corresponds to your PASSION the results will surely follow.

2) Be patient
The process to find research can be tiring. Not everyone will find the easy way into their dream lab.

3) Think through EVERYTHING
First, make sure you know what kind of research you truly want to do. Once you find a professor whose lab conducts research in a topic that you are interested in, look up his/her lab and some of its publications to get a good idea of exactly what they do. Also make sure you have a proper résumé to send along with your email.

DO NOT send out mass emails to professors! Professors will pass over generically worded emails in favor of emails from students who show genuine interest in the lab by making efforts to learn about their research beforehand. Furthermore, DO NOT “shotgun” labs as professors can also tell when a student is trying to join a lab to pad their résumé.

5) Lab Loyalty
DO NOT ditch your lab once your join it! Professors put a lot of effort into integrating new researchers like you into their labs, and they really hate to see their efforts wasted. Make sure you know exactly what you want in a lab BEFORE you apply! Also, you are only allowed to be in one lab, so do not join two.

6) Know what you’re signing up for
Remember that research is a commitment. Part of the application process is finding out exactly what the professor expects of his researchers; make sure you are prepared to meet these expectations. Research is not easy, and it requires a lot of time and effort on your part if you want to be successful.

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Computer Science
Material Science
Mechanical Engineering

This is obviously not a comprehensive list but should be a good place to start your search for research! Be sure to read some publications by the professor to ensure you have an understanding on what you are trying to partake in.