Intel STS

Intel STS

  • Only seniors can apply.
  • Your research must have been conducted by you as an INDIVIDUAL. You cannot take a project you conducted in a team and submit it.
  • If your project involves the use of humans or animals, these projects require special approval prior to experimentation.
  • Submit transcript and recommendation letters by 8 pm EST on November 4th, 2015.
  • Submit the rest of the application (including short answers, required forms, and the main essay) by 8 pm on November 10th, 2014.
  • Can be named Intel STS Semifinalist and advance to be named one of the 40 Intel STS Finalists.

Quick tip: Edit your Siemens paper with an expanded 20 page limit. You will need to submit letters of recommendation and provide various short answer responses.

Rewards: Three Scholarships of $150,000, three Scholarships of $75,000, and three Scholarships of $35,000

A HUGE Congratulations to Lily Liu of Plano for being named an Intel STS National Finalist!

Congratulations to Niranjan Balachandar, Jessica Ouyang, Michael Hashe, Tiffany Jiang, and Lily Liu for being named Intel STS Semifinalists!

Congratulations to Justin Zhong of Plano for being named an Intel STS Semifinalist!