Welcome Class of 2018!

Research is the most important, exciting, and fulfilling part of science! Research is what leads to the new and cutting edge discoveries that we see around us every day in the news and other media.

One of the greatest perks of the TAMS program is the opportunity for students to actively participate in research with well-known and respected professors in almost any field of interest. The TAMS Research Organization is a group committed to helping YOU as TAMS students succeed in whatever research field you choose. Who knows what you will discover as you experience firsthand what the scientific world is really like!
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To begin your search, visit the “Resources” tab located at the top of this website to read a little more on how to find and approach a potential mentor.

Feel free to contact us at tamsresearch@gmail.com or out Facebook page!

Check out this annual event:

TAMS Tournament (TT for short) is a student-organized competition that aims to challenge the brightest minds in various areas of Math and Science. Participants are urged to think outside the box, combining their knowledge of math and science with problem-solving skills, in a friendly environment, while competing in events including Science, Number Sense, Calculator, General Math, Computer Science, and Team Math. This year’s TT is coordinated by students of the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science’s (TAMS) Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS), Mu Alpha Theta (MAΘ), Research Organization (RO), and Computer Science Organization (CSO). We proudly host the tenth annual TT at the University of North Texas Denton Campus. The competition will take place in mid-November, 2016 (to be decided). Email tamsresearch@gmail.com or visit http://tamstourney.info/ for more information!